Monday, March 26, 2012

How to Remove new Facebook Timeline features and look you can change it in your browser you can manage your profile and get back your old profile look easily. there is many persons who dont like timeline i have a good solution here you can remove time line in some seconds its works on chrome and better choice for those who dont like timeline. a full tutorial given below.
As soon as you install the extension, the Facebook timeline feature is disabled automatically, and a toggle is added right next to the URL bar.

How to :

Step 1 >> Go there

 Install This plugin into your Chrome Browser and Restart you Chrome Browser


Just it is an Extension
added in your Chrome Extrensions

Tools >> Extensions

then your Facebook profile will appears as Old  view

you can also Disable this this TimeLine Remover 

Go to Tools >> Extensions 

On TimelineRemove Enable/Disable

if You Disable

Facebook Profile will appears as Facebook TimeLIne